We offer more than just running an estate sale. Rediscovered Goods prides ourselves in not only the ability to sell your items, but to respect them. Your possessions aren’t just things; they are a lifetime of experiences, history, and memories.

Consultation and Preparation for the Sale 

We will come to your home for a free of charge, free of obligation consultation.  We will review the items in your home and discuss the best move forward for you.  Rediscovered Goods will help you sort through the items in your home and organize the contents you wish to sell. We will price everything based on our expertise of the current market. Rediscovered Goods advertises on,, Facebook, and other appropriate online media.

During the Sale

We will run the sale from start to finish. Our team is constantly moving around the house to assist buyers with their needs, while one person is always stationed at the front door to greet buyers and check bags. We will straighten up every day, and remove our supplies at the completion of the sale.  

After the Sale

You will receive a check with your proceeds from the sale within a week, as well as a typed inventory of items sold. Rediscovered Goods does not offer clean outs, but we work closely with a clean out company that we trust and are happy to connect you with them.  


If you've got a cluttered home but aren't so sure you need or want a sale, we can help with that, too! Beginning with a free consultation, we offer organizational services for your home. We can work in just one area, like the garage or an office, or we can take on the whole house. During the organization process, if we find items you no longer want, we can discuss the option of a partial estate sale or consignment sales.